Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Haha I suck and am a liar

So I have a job now, I'm working as a clean-up artist on Fairly OddParents at Nickelodeon. It's awesome I love it so much and I have access to all these amazing artists and this big beautiful CINTIQ TABLET WOW.

Yes I failed regarding my last post and I'm embarrassed but how can I get better if I don't pick myself back up.

So I'm gonna try and start posting SOMETHING every day no matter how much I hate it. The goal again will be to draw for at least an hour but if it comes down to it, I'll just do a doodle. Anything to keep my hand moving I guess.

So today I drew the monster of negativity because I'm into drawing metaphors and cheesy stuff these days.

He's got legs like that so he can crouch on your shoulders and latch onto your head while he breathes really loudly and annoys you and you can't forget about him.


  1. Hehe Nice! Looking forward to the posts :D

    1. Yay I'm glad to know somebody's watching!