Thursday, May 2, 2013


It's been a bit slow at work recently so I've had a lot of time to draw on my fancy Cintiq~!

There's this song by 2 Chainz where he goes "pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing" but I misheard it the first few times I heard it differently:

I think I wanna continue with this joke using more 2 Chainz tracks.

A doodle of me in my idle habitat :

 And some ~concept art~ for a multimedia project I'm toying with (ambitious...) I'm not too into it, I feel like I wanna simplify it a bit and make it more cartoony. I'd like to find a place in between cartoony and sexy/fashiony. 

ANYWAY that's my life right now! I got an end date for my current gig so I gotta hustle. 

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