Tuesday, June 4, 2013

30 Day Drawing Challenge! Day 1: Me

Hi! Long time no see! I've been very busy with both work and some other projects. I'm currently trying to make my portfolio stronger which is always kind of awful.

I saw that my friend James is doing a 30 Day Drawing Challenge which is exactly what I need these days to get my mind off of stress while tricking myself into being productive. Here's my Day 1 drawing, a self-portrait:

Here's me being shy and anxious and hiding inside my hair. I drew myself with my ideal tan haha. Yay Summer~

For my next drawing I should probably do something complete... The last time I got my portfolio reviewed the main critique was that I don't have many "finished" drawings. Today's drawing would definitely be an example... Oops.

See you tomorrow hopefully! BYE!

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